Saturday, 9 June 2012

Control GOOGLE...All about GOOGLE DORKS

Welcome back guys,
Tired of seeking things? But couldn’t able to make understand to Google what you are exactly looking for ? No problem! From today after reading this post you’ll able to control Google :)
At first let me tell you, for any kind of hacking activity you’ll need help of Google .For that we’ll always keep a good relation with Google. Surely, to hack some websites or anything ,you need to gather information about your victim as far as you can and the best way to get info about your victim is searching in
Unfortunately most of us don’t know how to get the actual thing that you want from google.well, no problem!!After reading my this article u’ll b more smart than others ;)
Google dorking is the way to query google in a way that would retrieve what you really want from Google. For example you want to search for a presentation about some book and you know the author name? If you simply put the query Presentation author name you would get millions of result which will place you to no where and you will end up asking your fellows to give you the presentation” isn’t it ? Where as the nice way to search for the presentation would be to ask the search engine what actually you want?
Let say you wanna search a hacking book author Kevin Mitnick.
A query like “intext:hacking inurl:kevin mitnick filetype:ppt”
Would retrieve all the hacking books What would be hacking related and the url would have Kevin Mitnick in it .Nice, isnt it ? ;)
The way to explore things via search engine is the way you perceive things like wise lets say you are sitting in a class room and you have a cruel looking teacher telling you that
“Guys, I wrote this article myself , you can’t find it anywhere .So, study now or later you’ll understand what you missed.”
Now all you have to do is to write down what is written in the presentation as-it-is
Note 3 to 4 lines down come back to home and ask Google!
Now that you have noted what was written in the presentation you know the file format.
Fire up the query in google search and you would surely get a result
What next. ? We normally mingle around webs like apniisp and tons of other webs in search of songs to download they usually provide low quality audio.
For me its different I ask google .
Lets say I want to download Eminiem songs I would query google with some thing like this-
Eminiem intitle:”index.of” “parent directory” “size” “last modified” “description” [snd] (mp4|mp3|avi|flac|aac|ape|ogg) -inurl:(jsp|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml|lyrics-realm|mp3-collection)
and guess what it will give me up with the entire album some times.. cool isn’t it ;) ?
So it saved my effort of registering and all the crap.
There is a good guide available about advance operators reference of google here.
So Start getting out most from the beautiful search engine “Google”. From the world of internet.
lets take some examples: search engine optimization
  • If you want to search in urls of various websites :
             inurl: search engine optimization
  • If you want to search in text :
             intext: search engine optimization
  • If you want to search a particular site :
             search engine optimization site:
  • If you want to search in forums :
             inforum: search engine optimization
Inserting double quotes before and after the keyword searches for the whole keyword instead of searching for different words.
If you search engine optimization then it searches for any page which has all these words in any order or anywhere so the search volume is too large. but if you insert double quotes and search the following query
“search engine optimization” then it only shows the result which has this keyword.
I will keep posting some new dorks soon.
Don’t be a silent reader.Give us feedback that how we are doing and feel free to ask anything that you don’t get :)


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