Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is an internet-based computer network, where a resource, software and applications are shared to be utilized by other computers connecting to it. This is a whole new form of computing concept. Why is this novel concept referred to as cloud computing? It is because the internet is often visualized as a big cloud consisting of a large network of computers connected to each other.Cloud computing characters Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Advantage

The most important benefit of the Cloud Computing include—resource and budget optimization with rapid scaling up or down— higher security and improved reliability over a traditional client-server system.

Indian IT outsourcers

  • Cognizant is rolling out an internal cloud platform that will host and test cloud computing applications.
  • Infosys is researching cloud applications and offering consultancy services related to cloud computing.
  • TCS is piloting cloud computing services for both small and medium sized businesses.
  • Tech Mahindra is piloting a cloud computing service framework for a large independent software vendor.
  • Wipro is setting up a ‘public’ cloud in its data centers and a ‘private’ cloud for its employees.

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