Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hacking Windows XP Login Password Without Any Software

Passwords can be describes as a verification tool for a object. Passwords are used to ensure legal or proper access to only those people who have the necessary authority or the permission. In this tutorial I will show you how you can change or remove the Windows XP login password without using kind type of software or password cracker. There are three methods for performing this hack. In the first two methods you can changer/remove the password without logging into any account, and in the third method if you are having a account on a computer and want to reset the password of other account you can use the last method.

First Method-
In the first method, when the computer boots press F8 key repeatatly until you get WINDOWS ADVANCE BOOT MENU, 
When this menu comes. Look for the third option called Safe Mode with Command Prompt, Select this option and hit enter. Wait for sometimes until you get the Comman Prompt on your screen. When the command prompt windows it opened in front of you type
"net user" (without quotes)   /* This will give you the name of accounts which are present on the computer */

Now type    net user "you username here" new password
Suppose you username is Almas and want the password hacker, you will type
net user "almas" hacker      (and hit enter)
You will get a message Command Successful, whch means the account's password is changed sucessfully.. In case you get an error, this means that you don't have the administrator privileges to change the password.

Second Method-
Now, in the second method when you get the windows login screen were you enter your account password. 
Press ALT+CTRL+Del two times, you will get a small window which will ask you for the user name and the password, in the user name feild type ADMINISTRATOR and leave the password felid blank and hit enter. You will be logged on as administrator
(this account is temprory ,after you log out that account will disappear). Now from that account you can change the password of any other account without any problem.

Third Method-
In the third method log in into your account, open run box and type CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2 and hit enter. There you will get the list of accounts which are currently created on your computer select and account and change
the password.

[#]If you are having any problem performing the trick, please do mention in your comment so I can help you.


Anonymous said...
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paijo said...

not work i cannot open safe mode because mas login again

matt Tyson said...

Does not work. Because of a account restriction. That is so dumd. Method 2

abdul ahad said...

i tried a second method but it's not working... why??? give me a solution???

Jhonan said...

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